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This page describes our policy in handling our customers' private information.

Our most important asset is the customer relationship built upon our mutual trust. In order to maintain this relationship, we will handle our customers' private information with the utmost care and attention, conforming to this privacy policy.

Upon your registration to our sites or purchase of our product, we assume you have agreed to our privacy policy, so please carefully read this privacy policy to understand its contents.

Use Of Private Information

To provide our customers with the information associated with our products and/or services.

To confirm and deliver products and services purchased or registered by our customers.

Please note that, in order to provide information thereof, we may register to email magazines published by magmag on behalf of our customers.

Privacy Policy

We have established our privacy policy below, and continue to practice implementation, maintenance, and enhancement activities in order to properly handle the information that can identify individuals (the "private information") collected through our business activities.

  1. We will comply to laws and public standards with regards to the handling of private information.
  2. We will make every effort to clarify purposes of collecting private information, and will use the information in a legitimate and righteous manner within the scope of those purposes.
  3. We will place strict controls on the collected private information, and formulate reasonable safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leaks of such information.
  4. We will periodically review our framework and systems to manage collected private information, and work for improvements and enhancements.
  5. We will not, as a rule, disclose to a third party the private information provided by our customers, except for the following situations:
    • When we have the customer's approval.
    • When we disclose to our partners bound by the previously signed non disclosure agreement in a scope necessary to carry out business operations.
    • When we can make a clear judgment, for other reasons, that the disclosure is legitimate and righteous.

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